👋 Welcome to Half Backs Rugby 🏉🌳 The place where children can develop and have fun while being outdoors! ⏸️ We have paused all our classes until further notice, stay safe! ⏸️

Welcome to Half Backs

A special message for all our Half Backs Families!

From Wayne, Meg, Zee and Patricia :)


Due to Covid-19 guidelines we had to put a few adjustments in place.


Click on the link below for the latest Half Backs Covid-19 news. 

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Latest News

Our son has hugely benefited from his sessions with the Halfbacks. Nicole is a fantastic coach, and Zachary is so excited to get up and get ready for rugby every Sunday. It has helped his confidence, team work and listening skills. The activities are spot on for the age group!

Claire S

FREE TRIAL (unavailable at the moment due to Covid-19)

Are you looking for a new sport for your child to try? Then try Half Backs!

Trying is free and doesn't take much time. Book a Free Trial and let your child play rugby themed games in one of the most beautiful parks in South West London!

*Due to Covid-19 adjustments we are not offering free trails at the moment*

Free Trial

About Half Backs

We believe that the best way to play sport and be physically active is with a smile on our faces having fun. The only way children are going to continue playing, create healthy habits for life and develop their skills is if they enjoy the games.

Working in teams and as an individual allows your child to develop their personal skills. We create an environment that enables both fun and learning through a structured rugby based play program designed by qualified coaches and teachers.

We respect everyone involved in the Half Backs session, children, parents and carers and the other coaches. We nurture a safe and welcoming environment for all.

The fundamental movements taught at Half Backs will help develop your child both physically and mentally.

Term Dates 2020-2021

Half Backs Rugby Term Dates

Our Schedule    
Term First Session of the Term Last Session of the Term No. of Weeks
AUTUMN 19th September 13th December 12 weeks
Half Term 24th - 25th October NO CLASSES
SPRING 9th January 28th March 11 weeks
Half Term 13th - 14th February NO CLASSES
SUMMER 17th April 11th July 12 weeks / or 2 weeks for teddington
Half Term 5th - 6th June NO CLASSES
Blocks First Session of the Term Last Session of the Term No. of Weeks
Summer 1 24th July 15th August 4 weeks
Summer 2 21st August  5th September  3 weeks

From July 2020 we don't accept cash anymore and everyone needs to book per block or term due to Covid-19. 

**We don't run during half terms (deep clean equipment)**

** During the academic year we run by terms and during the summer holidays we run by blocks*

**Our Teddington Venue is closed from 25th April until 11th September.**

Last Updated 05/08/2020

Develop confidence
  • Positive environment
  • Experience winning & losing
  • Trying your best every session
  • Encouragement from parents and coaches
  • Push themselves to perform better
Improve physical & social skills
  • Increase agility, balance & coordination
  • Increase motorskills
  • Encourages empathy and friendship
  • Learn to respect themselves and others
  • Being part of a team, focus on teamwork
Have fun!
  • Rugby & multi skill games
  • Focus on fun and safe activities
  • Running around in one of the most beautiful parks in West London, with friends and family