Some answers to some frequently asked questions

If you have other questions then please do feel free to email us with them and we will be happy to help!

We believe safety is the most important thing at Half Backs, even more during Covid-19. We have made a Covid Practise Guidance to make sure we can run safely. Next to this we have increased our hygiene standards. As an example children will need to bring their own ball and we disinfect all the equipment before every session.

Yes, we have adjusted our lesson plans. We are using limited equipment and we are not using tag belts and rugby tags at the moment. Next to this children will bring their own rugby ball and they can't share their ball with any other children.

Please don't visit Half Backs if you or any one in your household have any symptoms, Covid-19 or is in isolation.

Contact Nicole and she can arrange a solution. Parents/ carers will receive a credit for all the missed sessions.

Parents/ carers are booking for a full term or the remains sessions (if available). This means that the group stays the same for a long period. Also we don't offer FREE TRIALS at the moment.

Normally our sessions last for 60 minutes with a snack break off 5 minutes at half time. Due to Covid-19 we have shortened the session to 50 minutes. This will mean the staff have more time to clean the equipment before the next session starts.

There are a few things you’ll need to get the most out of Half Backs. Please make sure you bring the following:

  • Trainers, wellies or rugby/ football boots (depending on the weather)
  • Water bottle
  • Jumper, rain jacket
  • Sun cream and a hat (depending on the weather)
  • Nut Free Snack

Absolutely yes. We encourage girls to play rugby as it is a great team game and helps develop confidence and physical/ social development.

We do one free trial session per child. However due to COVID-19 we have stopped doing free trials, this is due to keeping the 'bubbles' the same as much as we can

Half Backs operates an online payment section in the Book Now section.

We don’t move the child up without your permission and it really does depend on a number of factors. Such as whether we think they’re ready for the jump! Do they want to! But we do encourage children to move up when we think they’re ready to ensure they’re being challenged and progressing (But no pressure if they/ you don’t).

The youngest we will take is usually 24 months. Some children develop early so if you think your child is ready then bring them down, maybe for a trial first and see how it goes. The oldest children we take are 6years old as our Tigers group starts at 3 we find any older than this isn’t a challenging enough environment. We can recommend some great minis rugby clubs in the area if your child is too old though!

For the younger age group we ask parent's/carers to join the session. However for the Tiger group we ask parents/carers to stay out the grid and spread out as much as they can. This is all for Covid-19 safety reasons.

Yes. There is a café or clubhouse with toilets within 100 metres of our Sessions.

Half Backs sessions will run no matter the weather conditions, the only exceptions will be when the council or the affiliated rugby club deem the groups are unsafe to run the sessions or when there is a National Lockdown with local restrictions.