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Read the bio's from our team and coaches below and get to know them better! 

Nicole Kwee
Nicole Kwee

Owner/ Lead Coach at Teddington & Hampton Wick

I am a PE/Games Teacher at schools across London.

I have 10 years of coaching & playing experience in rugby 15's and rugby 7s. Received my RFU Level 2 Coaching Qualification in 2016.

In 2019 I did my level 3 Safeguarding Children, First aid at Work and Paediatric first aid courses. I played from 2010-2015 for the Netherlands rugby 7's team.

I am very passionate about sports and teaching children the values of rugby.

I finished my level Level 3 Certificate in Supporting the Delivery of PE and Schools Sports in 2021.

Louise Goodbourn
Louise Goodbourn


I am a full-time digital marketing professional working with some of the UK's largest brands. Alongside this I co-own Half Backs with Nicole and focused on helping to grow the business.

I am passionate about investing in the future of our next generation and have a keen interest in marketing and technology.

I am a big fan of women's sport!

Coach Ben
Coach Ben

Lead Coach at Teddington/Hampton Wick

I am currently a student at St Mary’s University studying Physical Education, Sport and Youth Development.

I love playing both Rugby Union and Rugby league as well as coaching and inspiring young players.

Coach Jack
Coach Jack

Lead Coach at St Margarets & Twickenham

I am currently studying Sport Science at St Mary's university.

I love working with kids, reading books and eating chocolate.

Coach Solly
Coach Solly

Assistant Coach at Teddington and Hampton Wick

I currently play rugby for Teddington Womens team. I’ve played for 10 years and absolutely love the sport!

I’m committed to ensuring that the next generation of rugby players learn the joy of playing alongside the values of rugby like sportsmanship, respect and commitment.

In my free time I like to run, do crosswords and crochet!

Coach Oscar
Coach Oscar

Lead Coach at Hampton Wick

I have played rugby for 12 years and have recently got into coaching the sport.

I love working with kids and watching them develop as a player and a person. In my free time I like to watch rugby, play many different sports and going out with friends.

Coach Hollie
Coach Hollie

Coach at Twickenham Green & Teddington.

I currently play rugby for a local London team.

I love helping bring people’s passion for the game out on the pitch, no matter the age!

I love a dip in the sea any time of year and cliff jumping when I get the chance.

Coach Harry
Coach Harry

Head Coach at Twickenham Green.

I am currently a student at St Mary's University studying Strength and Conditioning MSC.

I am a head coach for Simmsathletics. That coaches younger children in athletics, assisting their learning of the basic motor skills as well as advancing other children.

I love sports and have a passion for athletics and sprinting.

Coach Jasmine
Coach Jasmine

I am currently at St Mary’s University studying Sports Rehabilitation, I also work with a local rugby team. In my spare time I’ll normally be rowing in Richmond with London Cornish Pilot Gig Club.

I enjoy coaching because I want to encourage the children to be outside and start playing as a team from a young age.

Develop confidence
  • Positive environment
  • Experience winning & losing
  • Trying your best every session
  • Encouragement from parents and coaches
  • Push themselves to perform better
Improve physical & social skills
  • Increase agility, balance & coordination
  • Increase motorskills
  • Encourages empathy and friendship
  • Learn to respect themselves and others
  • Being part of a team, focus on teamwork
Have fun!
  • Rugby & multi skill games
  • Focus on fun and safe activities
  • Running around in one of the most beautiful parks in West London, with friends and family