Get to know our coaches

Read the bio's from our coaches below and get to know them better! 

Nicole - Owner / Lead Coach

  • 10 years of coaching & playing experience
  • RFU Level 2 Coaching Qualification
  • Ex - International Rugby Player for the Netherlands  7's
  • Passionate about Physical Education 
  • Loves boardgames, Rugby & spending time with the family

Louise - Owner

  • Passionate about investing in the future of our next generation
  • Passionate about marketing and technology
  • Marketing professional with 7 years experience
  • Loves travelling, Badminton & Rugby

Andrea - Lead Coach

St Margarets & Twickenham
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Level 2 RFU Coach
  • Experienced in Inclusion and Adapted PE
  • Plays Rugby for Teddington Ladies
  • Enjoys reading, coffee & wine :p 

'Zee' - Lead Coach

  • Level 4 Sports Massage Qualification
  • Tobagonian
  • Ex - international Rugby Player for Germany 7's
  • Assistant Director at English Language School
  • Loves Rugby, travelling, dancing & cooking

Ellie - Assistant Coach

  • Currently studying for A-Levels in Maths, Chemistry & Further Maths 
  • Plays Rugby for Teddington Ladies (on the same team as her mum!)
  • Works part time as a waitress

Freya - Assistant Coach

All 3 venues
  • Has been playing rugby for 10 years
  • Has represented Middlesex & Surry (county level)
  • Passionate about girls & women involvement in rugby
  • Loves watching rugby and going to as many rugby games as possible. 
Develop confidence
  • Positive environment
  • Experience winning & losing
  • Trying your best every session
  • Encouragement from parents and coaches
  • Push themselves to perform better
Improve physical & social skills
  • Increase agility, balance & coordination
  • Increase motorskills
  • Encourages empathy and friendship
  • Learn to respect themselves and others
  • Being part of a team, focus on teamwork
Have fun!
  • Rugby & multi skill games
  • Focus on fun and safe activities
  • Running around in one of the most beautiful parks in West London, with friends and family