Q) What should I bring to my first session?

A) There are a few things you’ll need to get the most out of Halfbacks. Please make sure you bring the following:

• Trainers, wellies or rugby/ football boots (depending on the weather!)

• Water bottle

• Healthy snacks

• Jumper, rain jacket

• Sun cream and a hat


Q) Do you accept girls?

A) Absolutely yes. We encourage girls to play rugby as it is a great team game and helps develop confidence and physical/ social development.

Q) Do you do trial sessions?

A) We do one free trial session per child. Click here to book the day you wish to attend and come join us. Email us if you have any issues booking online at info@halfbacks.co.uk.

Q) My child is fairly small for their age, will they get hurt, and surely Rugby for toddlers is dangerous?

A) There is no physical contact (i.e. tackling) in Halfbacks classes. It is a play session based on key motor skills such as passing, kicking, catching, running agility, awareness of space and balance.

Q) Are your coaches trained?

A) All our coaches have been through detailed in-house training and are either qualified RFU certified coaches, teachers or parents! CRB checked, and Paediatric first aide trained.

Q) Does Halfbacks do parties?

A) Halfbacks does do parties; please refer to our parties section on our website or email info@halfbacks.co.uk

Q) How long does each session last?

A) Our sessions last between 50 and 60 minutes with a 5-minute break in the middle.

Q)How do I pay for Halfbacks?

A) Halfbacks operates an online payment section in the Sign-up page through GOCardless. Or if you’d prefer, then please email us, register and pay on the day with cheque or cash.

Q) My child loves Halfbacks, how do I make sure they can continue next term?

A) Once you have enrolled on either a 10, 15 or full term pack your with Halfbacks, their place will automatically be reserved in the following term. We will send you an email advising you when your nearing your last few sessions, and show you what’s coming next. A deadline will be stated in the email of when you need to rebook by, giving you priority before we remove your child from the class and offer the place to someone on the waiting list.

Q) Will my child automatically move up to the older age group?

A) We don’t move the child up without your permission and it really does depend on a number of factors. Such as whether we think they’re ready for the jump! Do they want to! But we do encourage children to move up when we think they’re ready to ensure they’re being challenged and progressing (But no pressure if they/ you don’t).

 Q) What’s the youngest and oldest you take children?

A) The youngest we will take is usually 18 months. Some children develop early so if you think your child is ready then bring them down, maybe for a trial first and see how it goes. The oldest children we take are 6years old as our Tigers group starts at 3.5 we find any older than this isn’t a challenging enough environment. We can recommend some great minis rugby clubs in the area if your child is too old though!

Q) Can parents participate?

A) Parent participation is encouraged for the younger age groups, and parents can participate for the older ones if they wish however this is normally not necessary. If some of our parents are really interested in helping out in the sessions, then ask the head coach at your site how.

Q) Are their refreshments and toilets?

A) Yes. There is a café and toilets within 100 metres of our Sessions.

 If you have other questions the please do feel free to email us with them and we will be happy to help!